Not quite like home…

Unpacking at the Shack, I’ll be honest, it felt pretty lonely. I couldn’t feel further from home. Yet this is what I’ve been looking forward to, being alone in the wild. Fortunately technology came to the rescue and I called my big sister. She was off ill with the shits… That made me laugh. Time to crack on making the Shack feel a little more comfortable.

The Shack

It could be said that it lacks a few of the basic amenities that make a place comfortable. Hot water, mosquito nets and toilet paper.


‘The meaning of  kack handed (left handed) is something I recently discovered. Eating food with your right and wiping with the left.’

There’s a 26 year old guy called Mahesh living in a little room at the back. His family live across the road and run a little shop selling everything from rice to sachets of Head and Shoulders shampoo. He’s been the live in security guard for the last 8 years. I want to keep him around, its only myself at the Shack for the time being and  I think it would be harsh to send him back to his parents place.


There’s many old stinky pillows and blankets that just need throwing out. When I went to do this Mahesh took them all back to his family. I felt pretty bad, but they’ve been here for years. If mother was ever going to stay she would want fresh pillows…

Bed buddy's

Mahesh and I are beginning to understand each other a little better. I have a white board that I’ve been drawing on and he has his old school books. Hows this, some of the words that they are taught at school… Aperture, abstain, besiege, bestow… Looking at his book now, I’ve just realised, he’s copied the English dictionary out. Well I guess it’s one way to learn.

We are going to employee him on the project along with many of the other young lads from the village. We plan to source as much labour from Kirinda as possible. Obviously some of the higher skilled roles, glazing and air conditioning will have to come from Colombo but I think its good to put something back into the local community. Plus I feel a little safer being able to recognise a few of the faces in the village.



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