Relocating to the South East

The two man squad of removals men showed up at 3:30am. On time…

It took around an hour to load everything up, twas a tight squeeze.  As there were only two seats in the front, removals man 1 was happy to jump in the back. Wedged between a strimmer, coconut husk rug and surfboard, off we went.

For the first 5 minutes I felt bad, but then decided the dude in the back had made a great call. Riding shotgun resulted in the persistent ring of a lawn mower vibrating up through my bum. The Dimo Bata, one of the most common vehicles you see in Sri Lanka, comes from India. Costing £1500 brand new, any form of comfort is forgotten about. This model was from the latest breeding stock. Despite that the radio was non existent, leg room minimal, (Two of my legs aren’t that long). There are fans on the dashboard, however no switch to turn them on. Baffling. Never again will I fail to appreciate what comfort a head rest provides as the Dimo was also missing those.

Despite lacking all the mod cons, the Dimo Bata tore up the highway at a terrifying 45mph. For the first time in my life, I think the journey may of been quicker if I’d taken public transport.
The conversation between the driver and myself lasted all of a few moments. My name is Freddie. My village is England. Janaka did present his vast knowledge of English cities however, London, Birmingham, Bristol and Manchester. He apparently toured as a dancer/drummer in 2003. I can’t quite work out what his role was but he made me rub his palms. They are rough. Perhaps he does a lot of handstands. With conversation at an all time low. I wrote this in my notes. It was a long journey.



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