I took a Tuk-Tuk

The novelty of taking tuk-tuks around the city has worn off. Not just because of the lack of air bags, seat belts, insurance, sat navs or change, but because of the silly amounts of pollution you breathe in whilst sat in the back. There are so many vehicles, from tractors, to buses to ox carts, all idling in the traffic. Then when there is space in the road everyone gasses it, hitting gaps like the Japanese. This throws up clouds of fumes, right into the rear canopy of the tuks. Its pretty nasty, stinging my eyes and giving me a sore throat and cough. I brought everything in my first aid kit travel websites recommended and more. But failed to pack medication to deal with a common case of man flue.

The road transport system seriously needs to be worked out fast. From the number of people getting their driving license in Week 1, its clear that the roads are going to be getting busier. And the traffic management system of using a policemen with giant high viz gloves instead of traffic lights surely isn’t sustainable?┬áRoad planners are needed in Sri Lanka urgently.


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